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Our new client is PENNY

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Marie hošťálková
Marie Hošťálková
The marketing agency Business Factory has just announced a new collaboration with the retail chain PENNY, which has more than 420 stores across the Czech Republic. With its creative approach and expertise, the agency aims to expand PENNY's brand presence on social media and introduce new products. Also, the marketing experts will focus on engaging younger audiences through their communication strategy.
Reading time: 2 minutes
Marie hošťálková
Marie Hošťálková

New era for PENNY

PENNY, famous for its slogan "Shop nicely Czech," has chosen the marketing agency Business Factory to oversee its social media communication. The marketing experts will present PENNY as a quality food producer and a company dedicated to enhancing societal well-being.

"Business Factory's enthusiasm and approach caught our attention. We trust they will help us elevate our social media presence and connect with new customers."

Vít Vojtěch, Head of Strategic Marketing

Goals of the Collaboration

Throughout a two-year partnership, Business Factory will focus on social media campaigns, primarily on Facebook and Instagram. These platforms will serve as crucial tools for:

  • Introducing the brand's new image to customers.
  • Communicating the quality and societal values associated with the brand.
  • Engaging customers and fostering stronger relationships with them.
Business factory has reeled in another catch: penny

Creative campaigns

At the same time, through its communication efforts, Business Factory strives to connect with the younger generation, introduce the diverse range of products offered by PENNY, and highlight its long-term campaigns with societal impact. These include initiatives such as food waste education, bee protection, and promoting a healthy lifestyle through projects like "Běhej Lesy" (Run Forests). Additionally, PENNY serves as the general partner of the Czech national football team, continuing its longstanding partnership with the FAČR (Football Association of the Czech Republic) to support football at all levels, from youth teams to senior categories.

"Partnering with the PENNY retail chain presents a completely new opportunity for us. This collaboration allows us to use our expertise to effectively enhance PENNY's visibility on social media and introduce their products and values to a broader audience."

jan pátek, ceo of business factory

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