Case study / 7 Peugeot Days and 5 vehicles sold

The “7 Peugeot Days” campaign resulted in one third the cost per lead and five vehicles sold

7 peugeot days and 5 vehicles sold
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one-third the cost per lead compared to other channels


vehicles sold

Campaign objective

To get as many people as possible interested in a new Peugeot car

The popular “7 Peugeot Days” campaign has been transferred by the carmaker to Facebook, among other places. And they did the right thing. Owing to a combination of video ads, carousel posts, remarketing, and Lead Ads, it gained almost a hundred leads in 12 days and a significantly lower cost per lead compared to campaigns outside of Facebook.

The aim of the campaign was to prove that Facebook is a suitable medium for the carmaker to reach potential customers. The specific goals were to bring as much relevant traffic to the client’s site as possible and to generate the highest number of leads. It’s worth noting that while other car companies track test drive registrations as a primary conversion metric, for Peugeot it’s a request for a sales offer.

7 peugeot days and 5 vehicles sold


Dividing the campaign into two phases

In order to promote a sense of urgency and the uniqueness of the “7 Peugeot Days” offer, the entire campaign has been divided into two phases:

  • A “teaser” campaign, where we used video advertising to introduce the different models communicated;
  • A “promo” week with the performance part of the campaign.

Peugeot CR is one of our most advanced clients. From the beginning they were ready to provide the necessary data for specific Facebook advertising options (CA, WCA, LLA, and remarketing). By connecting the CRM system directly via the Facebook API, the sent contacts will be processed automatically, including immediate sending to individual dealers. Peugeot dealers will thus be able to reach out to prospective customers immediately after the form is submitted, increasing the final conversion rate.

“In view of the fact that some of our dealers cannot process the leads in this quantity, so that quality does not suffer, we are asking for regulatory measures to ensure an even supply.”

7 peugeot days and 5 vehicles sold

Aleš Zavoral
Marketing Manager of Peugeot Czech Republic


At least five vehicles sold

January’s “7 Peugeot Days” campaign demonstrably resulted in selling at least 5 cars, including the 508 RXH model, whose purchase price in the basic offer is CZK 960,000.

What does the client say?

“The resulting cost per lead delivered was one-third that of a campaign running outside of Facebook. Google Analytics further showed that traffic from the Facebook campaign delivered by the ROI Hunter platform also showed better values in qualitative parameters such as the bounce-rate and ATS.”

7 peugeot days and 5 vehicles sold

Jiřina Záluská
Marketing Manager of Peugeot Czech Republic

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