Case study / Thousands of new online registrations for Fortuna

Thousands of new customers at half the price
for the Fortuna bookmaker

Thousands of new online registrations for fortuna
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price per registration against the set target


One third more active players than from Google Ads


new online registrations within two months

Campaign objective

To bring in as many new registrations as possible within the set price

Fortuna has included a somewhat unexpected joker in its basic Facebook promotion line-up. It was the first in the Czech Republic to try dynamic product advertisements targeted at acquiring new customers, even though it is not e-commerce. It paid off. Along with using a sophisticated approach to traditional campaigns and supporting video ads that ran at the same time on TV, it managed to really make the most of Facebook.


Customised solution - dynamic advertisements integrated via API


Is it really true that dynamic Facebook advertisements are purely suitable for e-commerce? Fortuna made everyone wrong by creating dynamic adverts, which it was then able to target with the ROI Hunter tool to users who were not yet on its website. This solution works similarly to classic dynamic remarketing. It also automatically optimises which products to display dynamically. However, its goal is to attract brand new customers.

The basis of this solution consisted in the creation of a product XML feed. Here, specific matches played during the European Championship were taken as products. The match data, such as team names and current odds, were converted from Fortuna’s internal system simply into a feed and then into a product catalogue using the Facebook API. The catalogue was regularly updated as the odds changed.

Then the underlying graphics was created and used in ROI Hunter and its Template Editor tool. Owing to this tool, various elements from the product catalogue, such as text or images, can be dynamically inserted into the image in the advert. These are then changed according to the individual product. For the purposes of illustration, for the Germany - Italy match, the current odds for a home win, draw and away win were dynamically loaded into the graphic, as well as the jerseys of both opponents. The same worked in the text of the advert, where the team names were dynamically downloaded.

Thousands of new online registrations for fortuna

Displaying real-time odds for sports matches in advertising

The biggest magic then comprised the automation after each game. When the match ended, it was also deleted from the Fortuna database. This led to its deletion in the feed and then in the product catalogue. Dynamic advertising automatically stopped showing the creative content for the match which had already been played and immediately started showing graphics only for matches that were still to be played.

Owing to this solution, Fortuna was able to always display the current odds for specific matches in its acquisition campaign and also avoided displaying the same creative content over and over again with the help of multiple products (matches). The user could thus see three different adverts on Facebook in a row, each with a different match and current odds.

Thousands of new online registrations for fortuna


Thousands of new online registrations in two months

Owing to a tailored strategy and technology solution, the campaign generated thousands of new online registrations within two months, up to 1/3 more new active players compared to concurrently running Google Ads campaigns, 50% lower cost per registration compared to the original target (which was set based on historical data from other sources). 20% of all registrations were achieved through paid Facebook advertising.

What does the client say?

“We were pleasantly surprised by the result of the acquisition campaigns on Facebook. We were able to acquire a lot of new players and at a lower price than we originally expected.”

Thousands of new online registrations for fortuna

Jaroslav Kulenda
Head Of Marketing @ The Fortuna Game

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