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Growth is the primary concern of everything from technology development, through branding to video production.

Return on investment

We target precisely and take care of your investment at all times so that your money doesn’t go to waste.

Brand power

We help companies build their brands and long-term relationships with their customers.

New customers

We’ll get the word out and expand your brand’s visibility so more people know about it.

Sustainable growth

We will plant the seeds of growth – our and your ultimate motivation. And we thoroughly analyse what and how it is generated.

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As performance specialists, it’s essential for us to be able to

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    Meta Business Partner

    In 2014, we became one of the first 50 companies in the world to partner with Facebook for advertising, and we’ve maintained that partnership ever since.

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    Google Partner

    We have been a loyal Google partner since 2004. We offer all the benefits of our partnership to all our clients.

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    TikTok Partner

    We have been working with TikTok since 2020, when it came to the Czech Republic. The partnership has allowed us to provide our clients with superior support.

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    We are a certified partner of Heureka, the largest price comparison and shopping guide in Europe.


Building a brand without a strategy is like playing football blindfolded. You’ll shoot your valuable marketing outputs down the drain and the audience will just laugh at you. A carefully thought out strategy will direct your efforts properly and make your budget make sense.

Marketing mix

Why is it important to you?

To clarify where you are and where you want to move.

How do you know you need a marketing mix?

Easy. You definitely need one if you’re serious about marketing. Whether you’re a software startup, a manufacturer of organic beeswax products, or Mercedes Benz.


What can we do for you?

First, we are going to work together to identify the four key pillars of your business.

  1. Product or service you offer.
  2. Price for a specific service or product.
  3. Methods of promotion.
  4. A place where your target audience can buy your product or service.

However, individual elements naturally change over time – and you need to be able to respond to that.

Therefore, at the beginning, we will discuss each element in detail. We’ll make sure that the pricing policy makes sense. We’ll make sure the products are available wherever your audience is, either physically or online. We have a distribution strategy in place that will open up new opportunities for you. The promotion itself is then a combination of strict data, honest insights, and creativity.

Expansion into new markets

What can we do for you?

This is what we have done for our clients in nearly 60 countries around the world (including the USA, the UK, France, Ireland, and Ukraine). We will prepare a foreign market survey for you, assess your realistic chances of success and then help you overcome cultural and language barriers. We’ll design a market-specific strategy, whether it’s the name of the product or the media channels we’ll use to promote it.

Why is it important to you?

Because you feel that what you do has the potential to succeed outside your region.

When, how and whether to go ahead with the expansion?

Only comprehensive market research, ideally combined with in-country experience, will provide the answers to these questions. In an increasingly connected world, expansion is a key element for business growth, and in theory everyone has a chance. On the other hand, a product that works well in Central Europe may need some tweaking before launching in Asia. In other words: tell us what you offer and we’ll tell you where to take it.


Media planning

What can we do for you?

In the media, we have insight and contacts. But we’re all about data. This makes it easy to know where and how much it is worth investing in buying media space. And that’s great news for you. You’ll have first-hand information about which media channels are right for your campaigns and which don’t make sense at the moment.

Why is media planning important?

Because buying advertising space without a plan is a waste of your budget.

What if you don’t know how much and where to invest?

This is a very common situation for most companies that have no or only bad experience with buying media space. But the media is not your enemy: the wrong buying strategy is.


Communication strategy

What can we do for you?

We will clarify what exactly you want to communicate to the world (i.e. your clients) in the long term. Then, together, we’ll determine your tone of voice, i.e the way you speak as a brand. We will set the intensity of communication and the communication channels where you can meet and dialogue with your target audience. Conversely, we’ll eliminate those channels that don’t make sense for you, saving you money for more effective activities. The goal is to communicate clearly, relevantly and consistently where your target audience likes to spend their time.

Why is this important to you?

Because people remember you by how you interact with them – just like in your personal life.

How to discover a unique way to communicate your brand?

There are a number of tools and activities to find out together. The important thing is to connect the inner nature of your brand with a way of communicating that appeals to your target audience and, most importantly, to be heard where you can actually meet them. Does that sound complicated to you? Don’t worry, finding your brand’s voice is a lot more fun than it may seem at first. And once you’ve found it, communicating with your customers will be a breeze.


Marketing research

What can we do for you?

Marketing research can be an eye-opener for brands and agencies. So we will take a look at consumer and competitor behaviour and pull market intelligence for you. We do this through both quantitative and qualitative research, which includes various methods, such as focus groups or consumer behaviour assessments. In addition, we will apply our approaches to a variety of analytical tools. In the end, we’ll then have a load of information to build a winning strategy for you.

How to find out exactly what you need to research?

The research may be both narrow and broad. Together we will look at what information you currently have, review your objectives and tailor follow-up activities and appropriate tools accordingly.


“Business Factory provides Bauhaus with an effective solution to improve our brand visibility on online platforms. I have been impressed with the level of commitment provided throughout our collaboration.”

Tomáš Dillenz, Bauhaus


You’ve probably read several times that buying decisions are based on emotions. But do you know what influences them? Branding. Whether what you offer can be eaten, read or worn, branding will make people experience your brand through all their senses.

Visual identity

Why is it important?

Visual identity is not only a matter of design, but also a key element to differentiate your brand in a world full of competitors. It’s the first thing that captures customers’ attention and leaves a lasting impression. And you only make that first impression once.

What can we do for you?

The visual aspect of your brand should reflect its character and the values you believe in. It’s not just about your logo, typeface and colours, as these are just chapters of your visual story. We’ll prepare a design manual for you that will make it easy to create functional and consistent visual communication today and in the future. Whether it’s online banners, giveaways, or presentations of your business at conferences and events.

Where to start telling your visual story?

Together, we’ll explore what makes up your brand and what sets it apart from others. Based on this, we will then create visual elements that represent your company across all communication channels.

Branding campaigns

Why is it important for you to launch brand campaigns?

Campaigns help you to creatively, originally and effectively present your service or product to those who will actually be interested.

What can we do for you?

First, we will take a look at the goals of the campaign. And because it is essential to prepare well for each campaign, we will set a timetable for its creation and launch. Then, we’ll assemble a dedicated team of professionals, i.e. analysts, strategists, and creatives, to begin creating the campaign. Once the campaign is launched, our work is far from over. That’s when we start measuring and tracking results, for example, with brand lifts.

How to find out when and how often you need to do a campaign?

In theory, you can run a campaign whenever you launch a new product or service. In practice, however, it’s much more complex and a number of factors come into play. That’s why, after a thorough market analysis, we’ll advise you when it’s best to launch your campaign.

Communication on social media

Why is it important to you?

In an era where social networks are a common element of our daily lives, it is crucial for brands to become an active part of this digital community. Connect with people where they like to spend their time, and you’ll get closer to your customers and create a strong community around your brand. Not only will you increase your brand’s visibility and impact, but you’ll also create authentic and lasting connections with your target audience.

How to find out which social media will be relevant for your brand?

Social media are constantly changing and evolving. The same applies to the needs of its users and the formats your brand can use on the networks. Today, it’s not just about Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We also look at the possibilities of X, Waze, GoogleMaps or TikTok and advise you on where and why you should be visible.

What can we do for you?

Getting the most out of social media largely depends on a strategic approach, creative content and working with data. We’ll design a bespoke content strategy for your brand, come up with content full of creative ideas that won’t fall flat and ensure it reaches your target audience. We’ll take care of proactive communication with customers and fans, and handle the haters with aplomb. We regularly report the results of our work and continuously optimise our strategy to bring you real value.


Brand lift studies

Why is it important to you?

To see if your campaigns are really working.

How do we create brand lift studies?

Everything we do is built on three pillars: experience, creativity, and data. It’s data that sets a fair mirror to each campaign and shows brands whether it was effective or not. We take all kinds of measurements to see how well a campaign has changed brand awareness, brand attitude, purchase intent of the audience, or whether the campaign was memorable (ad recall).

How often should you conduct studies?

It depends on the specific brand and your expectations. It’s important to conduct studies regularly, as it provides you with the opportunity to monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns and changes in your target audience’s behaviour over the long term. Plus, you’ll collect enough data to help you optimise each subsequent campaign.


Influencer marketing

Why should you think about influencers?

Because people trust people – and influencers. Transfer that trust to your brand to naturally increase its value and awareness. By working with influencers, you’ll also target your ideal audience more effectively, as these creators have built strong relationships with them and know exactly how to reach and engage them.

What does it look like to work with influencers through Business Factory?

It’s one thing to have a database of Czech influencers (of course we have it), but it’s another to have an overview of it (we have that too). Moreover, today it is no longer possible to simply push your product into the hands of a well-known person, ask them for a video, and your sales will increase. Working with influencers and online creators requires thoughtful tactics and patience. We’ll help you connect with people who share similar values to your brand so that working with them feels natural and has a lasting effect. We handle communications and contracts for you and are responsible for individual deliverables as well.

How much does it cost to work with influencers?

Effective collaboration doesn’t need to be the most expensive at all. There’s a quality solution for every brand that’s within budget – from barter to millions.



Why should your business have its own podcast?

Your own podcast will help you build your brand, share expertise, and attract new customers.

What is the process of producing the podcast?

We’ll come up with a podcast concept that works with your brand, target groups and expected goals. We will design a visual style and create a 3D visualization of our podcast studio design. We will then help you choose a host and secure guests according to your preferences.

Filming takes place in our studio in Prague and the whole thing is directed by us. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and AI, we can produce the podcast within a few days and then ensure its distribution on all major platforms.

What does the Business Factory podcast look like?

In addition to several client podcast series, you can check out our own podcast at HolkyTalky, which we create for our online magazine


“Our cooperation with Business Factory has shown us that the work does not end with just fulfilling the client’s brief. Their proactive approach and willingness to contribute ideas and strategies helps us achieve our goals.”

Tomáš Havelka, Baťa


Every campaign is a living organism. And the one that wins is the one that’s best optimised. We know this better than anyone: it’s through campaign optimisation that we’ve grown into a multinational marketing agency and created our own performance marketing tool, ROI Hunter.

Performance PPC campaigns

What can make PPC campaigns interesting for you?

They allow precise targeting and fast results.


How to make a really successful PPC campaign?

Although most brands run them, pay-per-click campaigns don’t deliver the same results for everyone. There’s an art (and a science) to managing a PPC campaign properly. Whether it’s selecting channels, customising the creative content, or setting and managing a budget. But once you’ve got PPC at your fingertips, it can deliver results quite quickly. That’s why we’ll not only oversee the visuals, text and subsequent launch of your PPC campaigns for you, but also the most important part, i.e. optimising them.

How much to invest in a performance PPC campaign?

The advantage of PPC campaigns consists in the fact that they can deliver great results for both large companies with million-dollar budgets and local businesses with only a few thousand crowns to spend on marketing. Where are you within this broad spectrum and what might work best for you? We would be happy to advise you.

Lead generation

Why do you need lead generation campaigns?

To make the work of your salespeople faster and more efficient.

How do we secure leads for you?

To get hot leads, i.e. interesting and relevant contacts, you need to set up and run a fairly specific type of campaign. First, we determine at what stage of the buying decision we want to capture prospective clients. Then we select the most appropriate channels and formats for distributing the campaign, and reach prospective clients with content that will get them to share their contact details with us.

Where can you run lead generation campaigns?

These may include social media or e-mail campaigns, or even specific landing pages. Often, it is a combination of these and other channels. As with other types of performance campaigns, optimisation plays an important role.


E-mail Marketing

What can you gain from sending regular e-mails?

The fact that you let a very precise target audience know about your product or service and for very good money.

How do we do e-mail marketing in our company?

You can send out e-mails with product offers and a link to a payment gateway, or newsletters to keep in touch with your subscribers and entertain them with new, unique content. That’s why we’ll first look together at how e-mail marketing fits into your overall strategy, and then define its role in the process of communicating with your current and prospective customers.

Can you run your own e-mail campaigns?

Yes. We have created a special tool for small and large companies. And especially for brick-and-mortar stores and e-shops. Thanks to Leadhub, you can quickly and easily design, set up and send any e-mail campaign.


Product comparison sites

Why is it a good idea to be visible on the comparison sites?

Because we all search for bargains.


How to get more conversions from comparison sites?

Being successful on a comparison site requires thoughtful action. Fortunately, you can leave the whole process to us, from listing to boosting performance. We’ll take care of all the technical stuff so that comparison sites make sense for you. This means that they should bring you as many orders as possible and make your products visible in the top positions.

What comparison sites do we get you on?

We work mainly with the most used ones, i.e. and However, based on your product, we can recommend and then get you to other comparison sites.


Why are they important to you?

To make your products quickly available.

How can we help you with the transition from e-shop to marketplace?

If you are thinking of expanding your offer or if you want to reach many more people with your products than you have been able to reach through your e-shop, use marketplaces. The centralisation and diversity of offers suits an increasing number of users, and your products can reach more than 300 million customers across Europe. Of course, the transition to marketplaces needs to be handled correctly.

Which marketplaces can we get your products on?

Thanks to the cooperation with our technology partner Omnicado, we can offer your products through the most well-known and verified marketplaces such as Allegro, Mall, Kaufland, Heureka, Shoptet, or Alza.


“In the world of digital marketing, it is extremely important to have a reliable partner who understands your needs and delivers results that exceed expectations. I was lucky enough to find one at Business Factory and our experience was unprecedented. It was clear from day one that this would be a long-term collaboration and that it would alleviate a lot of our internal work.”

Renata Kroupová, Oslo Skin Lab

Creative content

Fine feathers make fine birds, and the visual style makes the brand. In an age oversaturated with information, photos and videos, it’s important to create a design for your brand that grabs the attention of your target audience. Because it’s one thing to be seen, and another to be truly perceived.

Product photography

Why have your product photographed?

Because you know it’s great and you want it to be obvious at first glance.


How does the photo shoot take place?

Using special equipment, we can create optimal conditions for a photo shoot at your location or bring your products to our studio. We have several top photographers who specialise in different types of product photography and portraits. But it’s not just about creating high quality photos for your e-shop, as we can also design complete photo concepts and shoot product catalogues, collections, or production processes.

What products does it make sense to photograph?

Any. We can focus on the underwear collection, as well as the industrial production of boat bearings.

Video production

Why should you show your brand through video?

Because video is the best way to tell your brand story.

What can we film?

Writing the script and moving the pictures around is a beautiful job. This applies to everything we shoot: reels, smaller animations, big TV spots, and UGC (user-generated content) videos. But before we get into that, we will talk together about what you want to achieve with your videos and how much time and money you can invest in creating them. We’ll then select the best video formats based on these steps. How about a TikTok sitcom?

Do you have to have a mammoth budget for a good video?

No. Nowadays, you don’t need a million-dollar production to make an effective video, you need a million-dollar idea. And it’s our job to come up with it.



How can animation help you?

It allows to show what you want to tell people simply, quickly, and effectively.

Is animation expensive?

Animation is very flexible and can be played beautifully in almost any space. Of course, it depends on whether we “just” make your banners move or create figures for you in short stop-motion videos. But we’ll figure out what works best for your brand together.

What animation will we prepare for you?

Animation is great in explainer videos, for example, where it helps to explain how services, products or entire processes work. We can create animated banners for online campaigns, bring infographics to life, and add motion to anything that has been static. Usually, text or content is enough to prepare animations, as we will design the animation scenarios and its visual form ourselves.


Graphic design

Why should you care about the graphic design of your brand?

Simply because visual appeal can help a brand.


What will we prepare for you in the graphic design?

In cooperation with graphic designers, we can build your brand’s visual identity from the ground up. And if you already have it defined, we can develop it across media and make full use of its potential. Whether you need to develop formats for a social media campaign, billboards, redesign a website, or change your visual communication from the ground up, our designers can handle it and come up with a functional design you’ll love.

Can attractive graphic design be also functional?

It certainly can. What looks nice should work nice. And on the other hand, why shouldn’t functional things be visually appealing? We design all graphical elements and user interfaces on websites or apps to guide the user to the desired action.

Interactive formats

Why do you need to think about them?

Because you want your advertising to be entertaining, not annoying.

How difficult is it to create interactive formats?

Programming moving, interactive banners isn’t the most complicated thing in the world, but you have to know how to do it. Most of the time it’s a variety of animations or games. You’ll find these formats especially useful for RTB campaigns (the automated process of buying and selling ad space in real time through an auction). Creativity wins, and that’s why we program HTML5 formats for you, which the customer can interact with directly in the ad.

How can we measure the effectiveness of interactive ads?

Just as with other formats. And as with other formats, we recommend you do A/B testing and then optimise your campaigns.


AR filters

How can AR filters help your brand?

AR filters can help you show the customer what it would be like if...


What AR filters can we create for your brand?

There are plenty of options. Think of the Pokémon GO craze that briefly took over Czechoslovak smartphones. But we can also play with simpler formats such as face filters, virtual masks, complex animations and other visual changes. We enjoy creating AR filters for various brands so much that we have built AR studio Xnauts for it. We can advise you on how to fit AR filters to your campaign idea and reach your target audience with them. It’s literally a playful way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Where can AR filters be used?

Almost everywhere, even in the presidential campaign. AR filters are primarily the domain of digital games and social media such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. And if they’re thought out well, they can – in a good way – create a buzz on these platforms and increase interaction with your brand.

“Business Factory has the pull. It’s constantly improving and looking for new ways to achieve its goals. We’re glad for this approach because it reassures us that our goals are key to Business Factory.”

Radek Gorka, Allegro


Analytics is cold-hearted. Which is great. How do you know a marketer who works with analytics tools? They know what to do.

Web analytics and measurement

How can it help you?

Find out how functional your website is and what to do about it.


How can I find out?

Almost everything a visitor does on your site can be measured with special tools, the most popular of which is Google Analytics. This gives you a perfect overview of your users’ behaviour and allows you to tailor content or reorder individual elements or entire sections to help them navigate your site. Simply, you’ll be able to tweak the site until it works the way you want it to.

What types of sites does this work for you?

Tracking user behaviour is especially crucial for apps and e-commerce projects. Without it, it’s hard to increase your sales. On the contrary, properly set up measurement tools and subsequent optimisation of your platforms can show up in your revenues quite quickly.

RFM analysis

Why is it important?

Because every customer is different.

What does RFM stand for?

RFM stands for Recency, Frequency and Monetary. According to these three aspects, you can analyse your customers and then divide them into groups for which you will have different communication messages. In other words, you will know better what to offer, to whom and in what way.

How is the RFM analysis conducted?

We carry it out with our own tools that can also analyse large volumes of data, i.e. your customers.


MMM modelling

How can it help you?

You will find out whether and to what extent your marketing campaigns are effective.


What is it and how is it conducted?

MMM (Marketing Mix Modeling) refers to a set of principles that allow us to analyse not only the campaign as a whole, but also its individual parts. By taking a close look at your marketing mix, we may find that the message you’re delivering to your audience, while correct, is on the wrong channels. As a result, you’ll get an analysis of how the money you’ve invested in your campaign has actually impacted the success of your business, i.e. awareness, sales, and earnings. For the MMM, we use our proprietary technology

How long does it take?

Long enough to get really valuable information. We usually have the analysis ready within a few weeks.


How does reporting help you?

You will understand what works and why. And what doesn’t work a bit.

What is it and how is it conducted?

Reporting, as we do it here, is not just about numbers and graphs. We convert campaign data into real-time graphs first, but then we explain what the numbers really mean. Reporting also teaches you how to look at your campaigns properly and understand if and why they were successful. And how they could be improved in the future. In fact, an appropriate interpretation of the context of current results may have a big impact on future ones, which may serve as an important guide for your creative content creators.

When to do reporting?

Every campaign, even the smallest one, should end with a report on the results. In order to get a more complete picture, we always suggest live reporting during the campaign to our clients, where they can see how the campaign is developing.


Data integration

Why integrate data from different sources?

You’ll get your data in order and be able to make better decisions.

What data needs to be integrated?

Most frequently, these integrations are associated with information from CRM systems, social media, or e-mail (and other) campaigns. And the data from analytics tools we wrote about above also comes into play.

How does data integration take place?

Any marketing activity, including your latest campaign, generates data. This data needs to be linked to information you already have, such as data from previous campaigns, socio-demographic information about your clients, sales numbers, and revenue data. We aggregate and analyse the data as we go to get the big picture, i.e. a comprehensive view of how each piece of information relates and influences each other. We then use automation to integrate the data into our advertising systems and identify patterns that can be applied to future campaigns and activities, maximising efficiency and reducing advertising costs.


At the beginning, we will focus on your product. We’ll help you improve it and ensure it meets your customers’ needs and desires. Next, we’ll make sure we get the pricing right to find the optimal path between profitability and attractiveness for your target audience.

The last key element is where your goods or services reach your customers. We strive to ensure that your products are available where your target audience is most often looking for them. We have distribution strategies in place to take you into new markets and open up new opportunities.

“We were very satisfied with Business Factory. Thanks to their professional approach to our Facebook campaigns, we were able to increase the number of customers. They continually brought new opportunities and solutions to optimise our campaigns to achieve the best results.”

Nina Mičíková, Tesco

Our partners
who trust us.

Our partners
who trust us.

  • “They took the time to truly understand my business goals and tailored a marketing strategy that exceeded my expectations.”

  • “They took the time to truly understand my business goals and tailored.”

Radek Gorka Performance Marketing Senior Manager of Allegro
Elinor Morar Customer Security Executive of Fila


Experienced marketers across branches

Clients don’t come to check us out. They’re looking for the certainty of top-notch work. And they find that guarantee in experienced senior colleagues. And be sure, there are many of them here.


Global e-commerce ad spend

We stand behind unique tools (ROI Hunter,, MarketingIntelligence, etc.) that are used by clients from Brno to Los Angeles.


Years of extensive experience

14 years is a long time in digital marketing. We have worked with clients of all sizes. That’s why we know exactly how to help.


Long-term partners

Some partners – both start-ups and established brands – have literally grown up with us. Their loyalty is the best reference. Over 80% of our existing clients have been with us for more than 2 years.

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