Case study / Mortgages for CZK 1.3 billion for Česká spořitelna

Mortgages for CZK 1.3 billion for Česká spořitelna owing to a Facebook performance campaign

Mortgages for czk 1. 3 billion for česká spořitelna
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Mortgage applications approved

CZK 1.3 billion

Total campaign revenue

CZK 145

Cost per customer

Campaign objective

To obtain new customers through Facebook advertising

Česká spořitelna offered a new product with a guaranteed interest rate of 2.38% per annum. It decided to launch a Facebook campaign with Business Factory to reach the right audience, gain new customers and achieve a larger market share.


Data usage, detailed segmentation, and optimisation via Facebook API

Česká spořitelna launched the campaign with a well-thought-out idea and started spreading new mortgages through word of mouth. The initial offer comprised an annual interest rate of 2.68% up to 100% of the value of the property. Once 250 people responded to this offer, the rate dropped to 2.38%. This action then greatly motivated people to tell their friends about the campaign.

Meanwhile, the bank used its own data to build its own user base. It collected people on Facebook who already have one of its mortgages. It then segmented them by how many years they had left on their mortgage and created an audience similar to existing customers (Lookalike Audience) to find people on Facebook who had similar characteristics. This audience was targeted with an advertisement encouraging them to take out a new mortgage. Next, we created custom audiences for the bank from those who had visited the mortgage section of its website but had not converted. It tailored advertising to these potential customers as well.

For the entire campaign, we used our ROI Hunter technology to handle A/B testing and optimisation for final lead quality.

Mortgages for czk 1. 3 billion for česká spořitelna


1,776 quality leads and mortgages worth CZK 1.3 billion

During the 2-week campaign, Česká spořitelna collected 1,776 applications, of which 1,639 were approved. In addition, it reached potential clients incredibly effectively, as the number of people interested in passbooks quadrupled. The amount spent per customer was CZK 144.57. All in all, the bank earned a staggering CZK 1,286,827,500 owing to the Facebook advertising campaign.

What does the client say?

“The key to our success was using Facebook API technology and encouraging people to share this new mortgage opportunity. We created thousands of highly segmented adverts and promoted human stories. Essentially, we leveraged all the data and technology Facebook has to offer.”

Mortgages for czk 1. 3 billion for česká spořitelna

Lukáš Burda
Digital Marketing Team Lead @ Česká spořitelna

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